The McClures

Reign Above It All


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About The Song

Reign Above It All

Paul and Hannah McClure wrote the song “Reign Above It All” as a powerful declaration of hope, acknowledging that no matter the circumstances, God is always in control. The song first appeared on Bethel Music’s latest compilation album, ​Revival’s In The Air, ​a collection of anthems crying out for revival in our nation, cities and families. “Reign Above It All” stands as an invitation to respond to the faithfulness of God with an offering of praise.

Reign Above It All is a powerful declaration of Hope.

About The Artist

The McClures

Paul and Hannah McClure are worship leaders and songwriters with Bethel Music and at Bethel Church. The couple began leading worship as teenagers in their hometown of High Pointe, North Carolina and relocated to Redding, California in 2011.

The McClure’s released their first studio album The Way Home in 2019 relaying their personal journey with joy and vibrancy. They can be found on several Bethel Music albums including We Will Not Be Shaken, Revival’s In the Air and most recently Homecoming (Live). They are recognized for their song “Jesus We Love You”.

Paul and Hannah live with their three children in Redding, California where they enjoy living life with their community, and life has never been sweeter.

Publishing & Lyrics

Verse 1
The reign of darkness now has ended
In the kingdom of light
In the kingdom of light
Forever under Your dominion
You’re the King of my life
You’re the King of my life
You reign above it all
You reign above it all
Over the universe
And over every heart
There is no higher name
Jesus You reign above it all
Verse 2
On the cross the work was finished
God You poured out Your life
Just to give us new life
Now from the lips of the forgiven
Hear an anthem arise
‘Cause Jesus You’re alive
Chorus 2
Let all of heaven and the earth erupt in song
Sing hallelujah to the Everlasting One
There is no higher name
Jesus You reign above it all
You reign above it all
You sent the darkness running
Out of an empty grave
Now seated alone in glory
Enthroned on the highest praise

The McClures - Reign Above It All - Single

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CCLI# 7134098
Written by Paul McClure, Hannah McClure, Jess Cates, Ethan Hulse