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At a time when most of us have experienced change in nearly every area of our lives, some things remain constant. In his latest single, “joyful”, Dante Bowe reminds us that joy can certainly be one of them. Sweeping listeners into its Gospel R&B groove from the get-go, “joyful” is a breath of fresh air at a time when we all need it. “Joy is so different than happiness. While happiness is that temporary feeling created by circumstance, joy isn’t based on anything other than truth,” Bowe observes. “You can be in a bad place or sad situation and still have joy: the knowing that greater things are coming and the moment you are in is not the end.” With lyrics that can’t help but put a smile on your face, Bowe declares the fact that all we have is today, the now, to make joy our contagious cry to the Lord

I'm gonna be joyful today

About Dante

Dante Bowe

Dante Bowe joined the Bethel Music Collective as a worship leader and songwriter in June 2019 and can be seen leading worship at Bethel Church and on tours with the collective. Dante also appears on Maverick City Volumes I & II writing and singing with a variety of Christian artists. Dante’s personal work can be found on his 2017 album Son of a Father, inspired by finding identity in the Heavenly Father. Dante lives in Columbus, Georgia where he is a worship pastor at Addereth Church and continues to write with Maverick City Music and Heritage Publishing in Atlanta.

Publishing & Lyrics


Yeah, haha, yeah yeah (joyful) Today today (joyful)

Verse 1

Said I woke up to the summer shining through Callin' up my friends asking what's the move Feelin' a little different, I'm on something new Today, today

Verse 2

I ain't gonna let no clouds get in my way
The only road I'm walkin' is the one I pave Catch me sittin' in the sun, no time for shade Today, today


Ooh, this is the day that the Lord has made Ooh, and I ain't gonna let it slip away

Chorus 1

I'm gonna be joyful (joyful)
Yes I am, yes I am
I'm gonna be joyful today (joyful, today today)
I'm gonna be joyful, ooh (joyful)
I'm gonna be, I'm gonna, gonna be joyful (joyful, today today)

Verse 3

I got that feelin' that you get when you get new kicks Bell ringing on the last day of senior year
High-fivin' everybody but we outta here
Today, today


So fast, life comes and goes
Make it last, best slow your roll
They don't take it, that's a choice, but you gotta know that Today’s the day

Chorus 2

Nah, I'm gonna be joyful (joyful)
Ooh, gonna be, I’m gonna be joyful today (joyful, today today) I'm gonna be joyful, yes I am, yes I am (joyful)
I'm gonna be joyful, today today (joyful, today today)


I've got the joy, joy
Down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart I got the joy, joy
Down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart I got the J-O-Y
Down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart I got the joy, joy down in my heart
Today, today mmm

Dante Bowe - joyful - Single

© 2020 Bethel Worship Publishing (BMI) / Maverick City Publishing (BMI) (admin by Heritage Worship Music Publishing) / Ben Schofield Publishing (BMI) administered by Me Gusta Music. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

CCLI# 7171485
Written by Dante Bowe, Ben Schofield