Brandon Lake

I Need A Ghost


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About The Song

I Need A Ghost

There are a lot of things in this world I could use to fill the void, but the truth is there’s nothing that can satisfy like the Holy Spirit. This song is poking at culture in that we’re more into the show, the lights, the way things look and feel than the real message and substance of a relationship with God. I don’t want a cute relationship with the Holy Ghost. I want a relationship so evident in my life that anyone who encounters me will encounter the Holy Ghost.

I need a Holy Ghost, awaken in my soul.

About The Artist

Brandon Lake

Brandon Lake is a songwriter and worship leader with the Bethel Music Collective and a worship pastor at Seacoast Church in South Carolina. Brandon is known for his song “This Is A Move,” written with Tasha Cobbs—a song that won a 2019 GMA Dove Award for “Gospel Worship Recorded Song of the Year,” and has also been nominated for a 2020 Grammy Award. Brandon’s debut album with Bethel Music, House Of Miracles, released in 2020. Brandon Lake’s single “We Praise You” is featured on Bethel Music’s Revival’s In The Air album, co-written with Brian Johnson and Phil Wickham as a bold declaration that the power of praise changes everything.

Publishing & Lyrics

Verse 1

I don’t need the smoke or mirrors ‘Cause I know there’s a God who’s real I don’t need the lights to fool me ‘Cause I have seen the God who heals

Pre Chorus

I know when I ask I’ll receive it
‘Cause You’re not a God who withholds I hear You say just believe me


I need a Holy Ghost, awaken in my soul
I need a love that glows, rattling my bones till the evidence shows I need a Holy Ghost, awaken in my soul
I need a heart on fire that’ll never grow tired wherever I go
I need a Holy, Holy Ghost, I need a Ghost
Holy, Holy, Ghost, I need a Ghost

Verse 2

I don’t need a counterfeit comfort ‘Cause nothing in this world remains
I need something stronger than lightning Flowing inside of these veins


You’re the fire I can’t even explain it
It’s like I’m bursting with a heavenly language Every time I get a taste I know
I just want more, I just want more
You’re the kingdom that’s been growing inside me It’s like a lion’s roar that wants to revive me
Every time I get a taste I know I just want more

Brandon Lake - I Need A Ghost - Single

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CCLI# 7157098
Written by Brandon Lake, Joshua Silverberg