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Josh Baldwin’s new song “Evidence” is the first single from his upcoming solo album, his second release with Bethel Music, following the 2017 release of The War Is Over. “Evidence” was written with history in mind and thankfulness for the evidence of the goodness of God. Josh was inspired by God’s faithfulness to both his family that came before him, as well as his trust for the future generations to come.

I see the evidence of your goodness.

About The Artist

Josh Baldwin

Josh Baldwin is a songwriter and worship leader who joined the Bethel Music Collective in 2014. Josh is known for his songs “Praises”, featured on Bethel Music’s Have it All, “You Deserve It All”, from his solo project Rivers, and “Stand in Your Love”, a song featured on Bethel Music’s album VICTORY (2019) which reached #2 on the Christian Billboard charts. His newest album, Made For More (2024), centers around the unifying sound of corporate worship for the local church. Baldwin has appeared on numerous Bethel Music albums including VICTORY (2019), Peace (2020), Homecoming (2021), and most recently on Come Up Here (2023) with his song “Time and Time Again”. As a worship leader, Josh enjoys creating space for people to feel seen, encouraged, and invited into intimacy with God. Josh, his wife Sheila and their two children live in Thompson’s Station, TN, while he continues to tour domestically and internationally.

Publishing & Lyrics

Verse 1

All throughout my history

Your faithfulness has walked beside me

The winter storms made way for spring

In every season, from where I’m standing


I see the evidence of Your goodness

All over my life, all over my life

I see Your promises in fulfillment

All over my life, all over my life

Verse 2

Help me remember when I’m weak

Fear may come but fear will leave

You lead my heart to victory

You are my strength and You always will be


See the cross, the empty grave

The evidence is endless

All my sin rolled away

Because of You, oh Jesus

Chorus 2

Why should I fear

The evidence is here

Josh Baldwin - Evidence - Single

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CCLI# 7147432
Written by Josh Baldwin, Ethan Hulse, Ed Cash